Workforce Development

Millions of Americans work on the energy infrastructure that powers the U.S. and in the buildings that power our economy. That infrastructure and those buildings work best when a skilled workforce connects the wires, pours the concrete, turns the dials, establishes setpoints, and seals the gaps. Through Better Buildings, DOE works with organizations to support and grow our energy efficiency workforce by connecting to training, education, and job opportunities. We have collected resources, information, and other materials to help you address your workforce needs and take the next step toward an impactful career in energy efficiency.


Career Guidance

Use these resources to determine what career path is right for you. Whether you are a recent graduate or an established professional, navigating the multiple career pathways in the field of buildings and energy management can be daunting. This section can help you identify a pathway forward.


Get the qualifications you need to establish your career in energy efficiency and the buildings trades. This section includes formal education programs, industry-recognized credentials, and accredited designations for both students and professionals in various relevant disciplines.

Continuing Education & Training

Expand your industry knowledge, stay current in the field, learn new skills, and maintain your credentials. This section includes training materials and other informal educational resources for professionals at all levels relevant to buildings and energy efficiency.


Connect with organizations offering on-the-job training or find open positions to start or change your career in energy efficiency and buildings.



Better Buildings Workforce Accelerator
Do you or your organization want to work with DOE on the next steps in workforce development? Visit the Accelerator and learn how to join.

E-Learning Center
Discover online training and education opportunities from DOE and Better Buildings Affiliates who are working with us to promote energy efficiency in U.S. buildings and manufacturing plants.

Contact Us
Reach out if you want to learn more about DOE's workforce development efforts, including how to get involved through Better Buildings.

The Better Buildings Webinar Series

Dedicated to bringing you the latest actionable insights on today's energy efficiency landscape, the webinar series is a chance to explore the topics and trends that affect your organization with industry experts and your peers.

Better Plants Online Learning Series

Join the Better Plants team for this series aimed at helping you identify and realize critical improvements and energy and cost-saving opportunities in your industrial facilities.

On-Demand Webinars

Watch all previously recorded webinars in the On-Demand Webinars library sorted by popular topics such as resilience, zero energy buildings, and more.