Zero Net Energy Building Cost Control and Feasibility

Buildings that produce more energy than they consume, commonly defined as zero net energy buildings, have moved from concept to reality in recent years. Can you achieve zero net energy commercial buildings at little to no cost premium? Join us to find out. You’ve read success stories and seen real-world examples. Now it’s time to take action. We’ll show you how to quickly estimate photovoltaic energy production and building energy consumption; and share cost control strategies including performance based procurement, power purchase agreements, tax credits, incentives and more. Ultimately, this webinar will arm you with the practical information and resources you need to develop an early zero net energy building feasibly study and budget.

Presenters: Scott Hackel PE, LEED AP, Principal Energy Engineer, Seventhwave; Ben Heymer PE, Senior Project Manager, Seventhwave; Shanti Pless, Senior Research Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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