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Working Toward Net Zero: Best Practices and Examples to Engage Tenants in Sustainability

Buildings account for 39% of global carbon emissions. To address this, real estate companies have widely adopted ESG goals into their corporate strategies; over 82% of respondents to ULI’s 2022 Emerging Trends survey considering ESG elements when making operational or investment decisions. In addition to garnering the environmental benefits of decarbonization, the industry faces increasing pressure from investors, local governments, regulators, and occupants to demonstrate reductions in carbon emissions.

This revolution has led to opportunities for the industry to undertake new initiatives to achieve ambitious carbon reduction goals. To achieve whole-building reductions in carbon emissions, property owners and tenants have to work together – sometimes in new creative ways. This webinar from the Urbain Land Institute featured an upcoming collection of primers that share how to drive sustainability through tenant engagement will dive into best practices and examples of how property owners are aligning their sustainability goals and their tenant engagement strategies. This webinar featured some of those strategies for tenant engagement, specifically addressing the first two primers: Taking Green Leases to Net Zero and Engaging Tenants through Data Collection. Panelists spoke to their own organization’s experiences and broadly on the importance of integrating sustainability into tenant engagement.

Watch the webinar here.