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Selecting and Connecting EV Chargers to Commercial Buildings

This webinar provided an overview of a fact sheet published by the Renewables Integration Team: Connecting Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure to Commercial Buildings on how EV chargers can be connected to commercial buildings. The speakers addressed considerations for selecting electric vehicle (EV) chargers, how they can be connected to commercial buildings, and the impacts of EV charging on commercial building electrical distribution systems. This webinar also discussed the basics of EV charging, required infrastructure updates needed at the building site, charging infrastructure requirements related to vehicle type, network strategies for cost-effective operation, metering and utility considerations for billing and incentives, charging equipment ownership options, and use cases for different EV charger types.

Speakers: Omkar Ghatpande, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; John Kisacikoglu, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Zahra Fallahi, University of Colorado Boulder