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Packaged CHP eCatalog and Accelerator Program

This session focused on how packaged combined heat and power (CHP) can provide efficiency, economic, and resilience benefits to growing non-traditional CHP markets, and how DOE’s Packaged CHP eCatalog reduces project risks for both CHP users and CHP suppliers. The Packaged CHP eCatalog is an open-source, web-based system that hosts DOE-recognized packaged CHP systems provided by CHP Packagers, who commit to providing pre-engineered and tested CHP packages that meet or exceed DOE performance requirements, and CHP Solution Providers, who commit to providing responsible installation, commissioning, maintenance, and service of recognized Packaged CHP Systems.

Speakers: Brandon Bowser, Maryland Energy Administration; Richard Sweetser, Exergy Partners Corp.; Aaron Tasin, 2G Energy, Inc.