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The Next Frontier in Lighting: Getting Connected with the Integrated Lighting Campaign

It’s well understood that switching to LED systems saves big bucks on lighting energy bills, but there’s more – today’s leading-edge lighting systems are capable of communicating with other building systems to enable additional energy-saving opportunities while collecting valuable insights about a business’s operations. However, less than 1% of systems are currently connected. This workshop formally launched DOE’s Integrated Lighting Campaign and discussed the performance of these connected systems, best practices, attractive use cases, and the benefits of joining. This interactive workshop provided a forum for asking tough questions, sharing stories, and hearing the experiences of others. Workshop facilitated by Pacific Northwest National Lab.

Speakers: Ron Bernstein, RBCG Consulting; Kandice Cohen, Trane Technologies; Felipe Leon, Pacific Northwest National Lab; Lauren Morlino, Efficiency Vermont; Michael Myer, Pacific Northwest National Lab; Kenny Seeton, California State University, Dominguez Hills