Leveraging Utility Incentives for Rooftop Unit Efficiency: SoCalEdison Utility and RTU Incentive Testimonial

What’s the best way to save money on your rooftop units (RTUs)? Replace them BEFORE they break! The Advanced RTU Campaign promotes proactive replacement with high-efficiency RTUs, and has developed resources to support this process. Leading utilities see the value in proactive replacement and have developed programs in this area. Participants in this webinar will learn about the newest resource from the Advanced RTU Campaign, the Business Case for Proactive RTU Replacement, for commercial building operators. Southern California Edison Utility (SCE) will present on its RTU Early Retirement program and include a testimonial case study from a contractor, TriPacific AMS, who has benefitted from the program.

Presenters: Michael Deru, NREL; Anne Marie Blankenship, SCE; Geoff Wilkins, Energy Solutions; Jim Dunavant, TriPacific AMS

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