Interior Lighting Campaign 2015-2019 Results | Transition to Integrated Lighting Campaign

The Interior Lighting Campaign (ILC) is a public-private partnership to accelerate the development and utilization of next-generation high-efficiency lighting and control systems in commercial buildings – first with troffer lighting and later with additional lighting applications. Since 2015, the ILC has offered a suite of resources to participants, including best practices, lessons learned, and expert guidance, and has recognized organizations for demonstrating exemplary performance in the field.  In 2019, the ILC wrapped up its final recognition event and is currently transforming to become the Integrated Lighting Campaign - with a new focus on advanced lighting control systems, and on lighting that is integrated with HVAC, plug loads, other building systems. This webinar presented highlights from a recently-released DOE report on the ILC, and shared information about what’s to come with the Integrated Lighting Campaign. 

Speakers: Michael Myer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Felipe Leon, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Interior Lighting Campaign

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