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Driving Adoption of High-Impact Envelope and Integrated Lighting Strategies

Part 1: High-Impact Envelope Strategies – A high-performing building envelope is crucial to reducing the overall energy demand of a building. Watch to learn about a metric that measures your building envelope performance and can aid in design decisions, and hear success stories from the first year of DOE's Building Envelope Campaign.

Part 2: Integrated Lighting Strategies – Integrating your lighting system with other building systems can enable deeper whole-building energy savings and non-energy benefits with significant value-add. Watch and learn what the research shows, get pointers on making a lighting integration project successful, and find out what building owners are doing to save energy and operate their buildings smarter from DOE's Integrated Lighting Campaign first-year entries for recognition.

Speakers: Jay Amundson, University of Minnesota; Chris Chmiel, Athens County, OH; Scott Hackel, Slipstream; Ginger Scoggins, Engineered Designs Inc.