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Clearing the Air: Healthier, Safer, more Efficient buildings with Germicidal UV Systems

COVID-related absenteeism has cost US employers an average of $1 Billion per week since the pandemic began. Concern about the spread of infections in the workplace has driven many building operators to increase outside air ventilation at a significantly increased energy cost. Recent research from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and others finds that well-designed germicidal UV systems can be more effective and far more energy efficient than increasing ventilation to prevent the spread of airborne illness. The Better Buildings Lighting Systems Technology Research Team shared insights on germicidal ultraviolet radiation and its impact on both energy use and airborne pathogens. PNNL’s Lighting Research Engineers Gabe Arnold presented the latest research on GUV technology and how it compares to other methods of indoor air disinfection. Additionally, continuing from the last Lighting Systems Technology Research Team meeting in June, attendees can provided input on how DOE resources can provide the most valuable impact.