ESPC Webinar Series

The ESPC Webinar Series is based on the Energy Savings Performance Contracting Toolkit, a collection of resources compiled from the work of the Better Buildings ESPC Accelerator. The Toolkit includes best practices and innovative approaches that states, cities, and K-12 schools have used to successfully establish and implement performance contracting. The Accelerator was a 3-year partnership of states, local governments, and K-12 schools to expand access to energy savings performance contracting, or ESPC. ESPC is a financing mechanism that provides upfront capital for energy efficiency projects, which is then repaid by the guaranteed savings on utility bills resulting from the upgrades.

Resources in the Toolkit are grouped so that potential users of ESPC can easily find the information they need at each stage of their project decision-making process. Each webinar dives into one stage of the ESPC process, highlighting the resources available. ESPC experts from DOE and other organizations share their technical expertise and real-life ESPC experience.

    This training is geared towards practitioners considering ESPC for their energy efficiency projects and includes tools for making this decision and establishing the conditions for ESPC.
    This training features practical tips for carrying out an ESPC project.
    This training is geared towards state and local governments establishing support and services for ESPC as the go-to project financing mechanism in their jurisdictions.
    This training addressed how to introduce ESPC to market sectors that lack familiarity or experience with the mechanism, and includes a summary of successful results achieved by several Accelerator partners.
    This webinar presented resources for measuring the results of ESPC projects and shared positive impacts with management and the public.


Commercial, Education, Financial Services, Local Government, Multifamily, State Government


Financing or paying for a project

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