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Water & Waste

Prioritizing water efficiency and reducing waste generation are necessary responses to the risks of climate change. The efficient use of water can save both money and energy while improving resilience and reducing waste can also save energy. DOE is working to bring organizations together to discuss and demonstrate successful approaches to conserving water and reducing waste in buildings, plants, and multifamily housing across the country.

Featured Water Solutions

Calculator under water
Showcase Project
U.S. General Services Administration: Page Federal Complex (Prevedel Building)
Showcase Project
Dept. of Veterans Affairs: Erie Medical Center
Implementation Model
The Tower Companies: Applying Energy Management Best Practices to Water Monitoring

Featured Waste Solutions

piles of recycling
Implementation Model
Credit Human Making Large Strides with Waste Management
Solution at a Glance
JBG SMITH’s North End Retail Composting Program
Implementation Model
Bendix Develops Zero Waste to Landfill Certification Process for Manufacturing Facilities


Person pressing a virtual button
Remanufacturing and Beneficial Reuse in Industry for Circular Economy
Glass Half-Full: Saving Money By Saving Water
It Just Gets Better And Better: Highlights from Better Project and Better Practice Award Winners