Wastewater Improvement Planning

SWIFt partners developed infrastructure improvement plans outlining projects designed to achieve 30% total energy savings in their facilities from their chosen baseline year. The resources below include a template with suggested best-practice structure and content for strategic improvement plans, guidance on how to design infrastructure improvement suited to individual facilities, and example plans from SWIFt partners.

Infrastructure Improvement Plan Template
This template outlines the best-practice structure and content for a wastewater infrastructure improvement plan.

Guiding Principles & Frameworks: Overview
High-level strategic goals serve as guiding principles and organizational frameworks for upgrade plans that help facilities select the actions needed to achieve their goals and meet their needs, prioritize actions effectively, and organize them into a framework for implementation. This resource describes some of the most common principles used in water resource recovery facilities across the country and includes additional resources for those linked to each principle listed below:

Example Infrastructure Improvement Plans

Several SWIFt facility partners agreed to share their infrastructure improvement plans as examples for other water resource recovery facilities. Partner plans represent a range of principles and frameworks:

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