Wastewater Energy Data Management

Energy data management is the foundation of strong energy management and planning in which facilities measure and track their energy performance to inform their decisions about infrastructure improvements. The resources below provide guidance on energy data management in the sector:

Energy Data Management Manual
This manual describes the benefits of energy data management and provides step-by-step guidance for tracking and managing energy performance. The manual highlights the Data Tool Comparison Matrix, also included in this toolkit, produced during SWIFt to help facilities select a data management tool that is best suited to their needs.

Data Tool Comparison Matrix
This comparison matrix evaluates the features and functions of 3 publicly available software tools (links provided below) that help water resource recovery facilities track and manage energy performance.

Data Management Tools

These publicly available data management tools are specifically for water resource recovery facilities:

Data Tool Reference Sheets

These reference sheets help you get started using the no-cost data tools above and include information on where to get additional tool training:

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