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The Business Case for High-Performance Buildings v2.0


Now more than ever, commercial real estate brokers have many reasons to pay attention to green building practices. From new technology and regulations, to corporate responsibility and sustainability programs driving demand for more efficient spaces and buildings that achieve designations such as LEED or ENERGY STAR, green is more than just a trend in commercial real estate; it’s here to stay.

This course explains how once-niche green concepts are evolving into high-performance standards across office, retail, and industrial segments, and what commercial practitioners can do to take advantage of long- and short-term sustainability trends and best practices. Drawing from real-world examples, The Business Case for High-Performance Buildings shows how leading property owners incorporate energy efficiency and broader sustainability elements into their operational and investment decisions. 

Attendees learned:

  • The major drivers for green building demand
  • How energy efficiency and sustainability impact a building's economic performance
  • What commonly-used resources are available for industry professionals
  • How environmental policies impact commercial transactions
  • The financial benefits of energy-efficient buildings for landlords, tenants, building owners, and brokers
  • How to help clients handle energy and sustainability in the lease process

A version of this course has been taught in person and approved for continuing education credits in several states. To inquire about scheduling a course for your organization’s brokerage team, please contact IMT at

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