Toolkit: Implement Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS) in your building portfolio

EMIS gives property owners and managers the ability to see their energy use and take action to reduce waste. This toolkit gives an introduction to EMIS.

    This framework can be used as a first orienting step; it does not detail specific technology features, but instead provides a high-level overview of primary applications within each category.
    The Synthesis of Existing EMIS Resources provides brief summaries of over 40 EMIS publications. Key findings as well as access information are provided for each resource in the synthesis.
    This package of materials guides you through the specification, procurement, and selection of an Energy Information System (EIS) or related building energy performance monitoring and diagnostic technology.
    This guide introduces incentive and financing programs available to support the installation and use of EMIS in commercial buildings.
    This framework provides a common reference that can be used to understand key distinguishing factors and core attributes of different solutions within the family of EMIS technologies.
    This webinar provides an introduction to critical aspects of successful EMIS use in a 30-minute presentation.
    Slides from the EMIS Crash Course webinar.


Commercial, Education, Industrial, Multifamily, Local Government, State Government, Data Centers


Metering/measuring energy use

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Energy Management Systems