Toolkit: Find financing for your energy project

A variety of barriers can prevent the funding of energy efficiency projects. This toolkit provides information and resources on traditional and specialized financing mechanisms to help overcome upfront costs and other financing barriers.

    Customers can borrow money directly from banks or other lenders to pay for energy efficiency projects.
    Lease Financing Fact Sheet
    A lease is a simple financing structure that allows a customer to use energy efficiency equipment without purchasing it outright.
    Under an Energy Performance Contract (EPC), an energy service company (ESCO) coordinates installation and maintenance of efficiency equipment in a customer’s facilities and is paid from the associated energy savings.
    This fact sheet describes in detail the efficiency-as-a-service financing solution and summarizes different models in use.
    On-bill financing (OBF) and repayment (OBR) are financing options in which a utility or private lender supplies capital to a customer to make energy efficiency improvements and is repaid through regular payments on an existing utility bill.
    PACE Financing Fact Sheet
    Commercial property-assessed clean energy (CPACE) is a financing structure in which building owners borrow money for energy efficiency or renewable energy projects and make repayments via an assessment on the their property tax bill.
    Metrus Energy deployed multi-measure energy efficiency retrofits in BAE Systems facilities with no upfront costs using an Energy Services Agreement (ESA).
    Citi used an energy services agreement to deliver efficient electricity and cooling at its London data center. The project is expected to deliver $1.1 million in annual cost savings.
    Prologis, Inc., took advantage of commercial PACE financing to retrofit its headquarters at the historic Pier 1 building in San Francisco. The projects financed are projected to reduce electricity consumption by 32% and save nearly $100,000 annually.
    This white paper provides an overview on the financial intermediaries in the energy finance marketplace.
    A report describing the major players, barriers, and financing strategies for each market sector. 
    An overview of key concepts and financing solutions in energy efficiency finance.
    This ACEEE toolkit explains PACE financing and lists useful resources for more information.


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