Making the Business Case for Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

The business case for energy efficiency may seem straightforward – reducing energy use will save the building owner money – however, implementing energy efficiency measures can also involve upfront costs for software, equipment, and installation. These costs can be challenging for companies to justify when there are competing priorities for funding. This toolkit includes a selection of resources to support commercial building operational staff in making the business case for the implementation of energy efficiency projects to upper management.

    This fact sheet reviews key components for building the business case for resilience including the challenges of resilience, understanding and measuring risk, talking to your CFO, and how to get started building a resilience roadmap.
    Kohl’s embedded members of the Finance Department into the Energy team to expedite communication of financial benefits and approval of energy efficiency projects.
    USAA Real Estate developed a calculator to convert the results of energy efficiency upgrades into metrics that are meaningful for financial decision makers, resulting in more projects funded and increased portfolio-wide energy savings.
    Getting approval for energy efficiency measures can sometimes be the most challenging aspect of the project. USAA, UC Irvine, and Kohl's shared their best practices for communicating the value of building energy efficiency projects and working with financial decision-makers to make those projects happen.
    BBA Affiliate RILA is offering free training modules focused on Financial Literacy for Retail. There are 2 courses: Finance 101 and Finance 201. Developed with support from Better Buildings and DOE, these e-learnings will help those in the retail sector who want to know more about financing and value as they relate to sustainability.
    This training workshop provided by the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) features CFO role insights, hands-on exercises, case studies, and guidance to help commercial partners get from project idea stage to implementation.




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