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Toolkit: Industrial Ratepayer-Funded Superior Energy Performance (SEP)

SEP Guide for the Development of Energy Efficiency Program Plans Energy Management Guides

The Program Planning Guide provides utilities and PAs with a step-by-step method to implement effective program plans and reports for their SEP offerings.  

SEP Program Planning Template Template

The Program Planning Template is a Microsoft Excel-based form designed to facilitate utilities’ and PAs’ development of SEP offerings and to provide them with a means of communicating with DOE about their SEP programs.

Together with the SEP Guide for the Development of Energy Efficiency Program Plans, the Program Planning Template workbook provides guidance regarding what information to include in program plans and reports.

The Program Planning Template, used in conjunction with the Cost Effectiveness Screening Tool (“Screening Tool”), allows utilities and PAs to combine unique facilities into groups and annual cohorts.

SEP Presentations Materials Presentation

The SEP Presentation Materials include three introduction slide decks providing an overview of ISO 50001 and SEP.

The slide decks are tailored to unique audiences including customers, participants, utilities and PAs. 

Utilities and PAs can modify these presentations to address the unique characteristics of their audiences and can present them at conferences, meetings or training workshops. The presentations are suitable for outreach activities and will increase awareness of energy management; SEP Overview SlidesSEP PA Audience SlidesSEP Ratepayer Customer Slides

SEP Cost Effectiveness Screening Tool Screening Tool

The Screening Tool allows interested utilities and PAs to estimate the expected benefits and costs of SEP projects for their own jurisdiction based on data obtained from DOE’s SEP program experience and other sources.

​User inputs include energy consumption of the target utilities, incentives, and avoided costs. Outputs are presented in a way that is useful for a state regulatory filing for a new energy efficiency program pursuing SEP projects.

SEP Program Transition Tables Transition Table

The Program Transition Tables provide information concerning the level of effort required to move from a traditional, industrial incentive program to Strategic Energy Management, ISO 50001, or SEP.