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Incorporate Solar PV on your healthcare facilities

Photo of a Solar PV panel installation
On-Site Commercial Solar PV Decision Guide for the Healthcare Sector Guidance

This document provides guidance for implementing Solar PV in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Madera Community Hospital logo
Madera Community Hospitals: Ground-Mounted Solar Array Case Study

Madera Community Hospital completed the installation of a 1,140 kilowatt ground-mounted solar photovoltaic array through a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA). The array produces 2,183,220 kWh annually and offsets approximately 40% of the hospital’s electricity consumption.

Gundersen Health System: Parking Ramp Solar Array Case Study

Gundersen Health System constructed one of the nation's first LEED parking structures for a hospital, complete with PV panels. As of 2014, the system is one of the first to offset 100 percent of its energy use with renewable energy.

North Shore-LIJ: Roof-Mounted Solar Array Case Study

The North Shore-LIJ Healthcare System installed a 50 kilowatt solar array on one of their auxiliary buildings, producing 55,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) annually, ensuring continuous energy cost savings and a cleaner energy resource.