High-Efficiency Troffer Lighting Toolkit

Potential savings from upgrading facility lighting to high-efficiency troffers range from 15-45 percent on a one-for-one basis and up to 75 percent with the use of controls. Learn how to take advantage of these savings.

    This specification provides a description of requirements that will result in energy savings for troffers, reliable performance, and energy cost savings.
    This fact sheet summarizes key components of the Better Buildings High Efficiency Troffer Lighting Specification and how to apply it to save energy and money by upgrading to high- efficiency LED technology.
    This fact sheet provides technical information on initial costs, operating costs, current light levels, and dimming requirements to consider when deciding on an LED upgrade for a fluorescent troffer system.
    This webinar highlighted the Interior Lighting Campaign – a joint effort by the U.S. Department of Energy, Building Owners and Managers Association International, International Facility Management Association, and the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America.


Commercial, Data Center, Education, Local Government, Multifamily, State Government


Identifying or evaluating energy-saving technologies

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Lighting, Interior