High-Efficiency RTUs in Leased Spaces

This toolkit contains example lease language, case studies and other resources to help building owners and tenants effectively include high-efficiency RTUs in leases.

    This decision tree guides to reader through the challenging task of determining how to manage existing rooftop units with easy to follow evaluation questions and links to additional resources for more information.
    This spreadsheet lists financial incentives and financing programs in areas for the highest energy savings opportunities.
    This document introduces the key elements to consider in making the business case for a proactive high-efficiency RTU replacement strategy for facility maintenance staff and building engineers responsible for energy management.
    The purpose of this document is to provide a menu of lease clauses to facilitate rooftop unit (RTU) efficiency in retail leases for both retail tenants and commercial real estate landlords.
    The creative and determined leadership of Efficiency Vermont successfully completed a 66-rooftop unit (RTU) high-efficiency replacement project on a large 140,000 square foot office building in Vermont.

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HVAC, Rooftop Unit