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A Guide to Efficiency-as-a-Service

Data center with blue lighting
Citi Riverdale Data Center Energy Services Agreement Implementation Model

Citi used an energy services agreement to deliver efficient electricity and cooling at its London data center. The project is expected to deliver $1.1 million in annual cost savings.

BAE Systems logo on a corporate building with pink flowers in front
Metrus Energy: Nationwide Deployment of Efficiency Services Agreement Implementation Model

Metrus Energy deployed multi-measure energy efficiency retrofits in BAE Systems facilities with no upfront costs using an Energy Services Agreement (ESA).

monitors grey
Efficiency-as-a-Service Fact Sheet

This fact sheet describes in detail the efficiency-as-a-service financing solution and summarizes different models in use.

2 story building
Metrus Energy: Financing Kuakini Medical Center Upgrades with an Efficiency Services Agreement Implementation Model

Metrus Energy's Efficiency Services Agreement structure funded 100% of critical facility improvements and equipment upgrades for Kuakini Medical Center, with a projected 25% reduction in its total annual utility bill.

Exterior shot of Metrus SAAG School
Metrus Energy Public-Private Partnership for Financing K-12 Efficiency Financing

Metrus Energy reaches efficiency-as-a-service deal to upgrade HVAC, building automation, hot water controls, and interior lighting at Jack Hebrew Academy with support from Pennsylvania's Green Energy Loan Fund.

Metrus SAAG warehouse
Innovative Citi and Metrus Energy Partnership Finances Large-Scale Efficiency Improvements Financing

Efficiency upgrades often focus on improvements at one site due to the upfront costs required to finance a project. Citi and Metrus Energy developed a multi-site, multi-state Efficiency Service Agreement (ESA) that allows customers to implement projects with no upfront capital expenditure, demonstrating how ESAs can achieve scale.

Rethinking Traditional Finance: How Efficiency-as-a-Service Can Drive Upgrades without Upfront Capital Webinar

On this webinar, we highlighted the efficiency-as-a-service toolkit and Better Buildings Financial Allies shared insights from the field.

Interior view of grocery store
Allumia Finances Grocery Store Lighting Upgrade with Efficiency-as-a-Service Model Financing

Allumia funded and installed a new LED lighting system for Hilltop Red Apple grocery store using Allumia’s efficiency-as-a-service offering.

ATT Retail store
AT&T, Redaptive Efficiency-as-a-Service Program Implementation Model

Redaptive partnered with AT&T to implement energy efficiency measures at nearly 650 facilities using an efficiency-as-a-service financing solution, resulting in nearly $20 million in annual energy cost savings.

room with chairs
Sparkfund: Efficiency-as-a-Service Financing Enables Technology Upgrades for Assisted Living Provider Financing

Sparkfund's Technology Subscprition service covers systems such as lighting, HVAC, fans, electric vehicles, and monitoring and controls - all owned and maintained by Sparkfund. Affinity Living Group was able to install new lighting at 16 properties without diverting resources away from serving residents by utilizing the subscription.

Photo of Cityline Midtown Crunch Building
Citizen Energy uses Efficiency-as-a-Service to Finance Multifamily Properties Implementation Model

Citizen Energy completed projects at two separate multifamily properties with different ownership structures using an efficiency-as-a-service financing solution, resulting in cash-flow positive outcomes since day one.

Graphs, pen, calculator
Iron Mountain Leverages Redaptive’s Efficiency-as-a-Service Program for Energy and Carbon Reductions Implementation Model

Iron Mountain collaborated with Redaptive in an efficiency-as-a-service product to finance energy efficiency projects, creating a flexible future cost savings program.