Toolkit: Upgrade Your Interior Lighting to High-Efficiency Solutions

Lighting represents the largest end-use of electricity in commercial buildings and is often targeted for energy savings through energy-efficient light sources, sensors and controls, and advanced lighting technologies. Commercial buildings represent some of the greatest saving opportunities because of their long operating hours and the potential to implement control systems, where savings potential is enormous (DOE 2016).

In 2015, DOE introduced the Interior Lighting Campaign (ILC) to help speed the adoption of high-efficiency lighting and control systems in commercial buildings. The ILC provided tools and resources – including guidance, fact sheets, case studies, and product search tools – as well as technical assistance and recognition for exemplary performance. This toolkit collects those resources to help facility owners and managers take advantage of savings opportunities from high-efficiency interior lighting solutions.

For resources related to exterior lighting applications, visit the High-Efficiency Parking Lighting Toolkit. For more information about energy efficiency opportunities through lighting, visit the Better Buildings Lighting & Electrical Technology Research Team.