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Start here to tackle your energy-related challenges, bolster your bottom line, advance technology innovation, create jobs, and spur energy efficiency investments. Through the Better Buildings Initiative, the U.S. Department of Energy convenes leaders across sectors and across the economy to foster discussion, share solutions, learn from one another, and create opportunities for innovation and energy savings.

With a focus on technological innovation, this portal brings together resources and energy solutions for your technology-related challenges. Follow the links below to find solutions to common technological barriers, learn about building envelope technologies and HVAC resources, and explore renewable energy options. Discover replicable energy efficiency projects, and energy management strategies that are right for your organization to achieve energy-efficient buildings and energy savings.

Explore Technology Specific Solutions

Through Better Buildings, DOE partners with leaders in the public and private sectors to make the nation’s homes, commercial buildings, and industrial plants more energy efficient by accelerating investment and sharing of successful best practices.

Search for technology solutions
Use our search filters or search by keyword to find information about the topics that interest you the most. Filter by technology, building sector, solution type and more!


Find Decarbonization Resources
Learn more about decarbonization and the steps to implementing a successful decarbonization strategy on the Decarbonization Resource Hub. Click through for resources, solutions, and more.

Find Renewable Energy Solutions
Pursue further sustainability and emissions reduction goals by incorporating renewable energy such as solar or wind energy into your energy procurement strategy. Visit our Renewable Energy Resource Hub to learn about renewables options, how to determine what's right for your organization, and how renewables can enhance your energy savings, sustainability, and resilience goals.

Learn from DOE's Technology Research Teams
Led by experts from DOE's National Labs, our Technology Research Teams analyze the latest research and development on a range of building technologies with the goal of providing market-ready solutions to partners. Easily access information on building envelopes, lighting and electrical technologies, refrigeration, and much more!

Gain specialized knowledge using Technology Info Suites
Technology Info Suites, a subsection of our popular Toolkit resources, collect information related to a specific technology or technical tool. From conduction losses and solar gains in windows to advanced refrigeration technology, these solutions will give you a more in-depth insight into technological advances in the energy industry.

Watch On-Demand Webinars related to technology-specific topics
Through Better Buildings webinars, experts discuss a variety of topics from Compressed Air to Renewable Integrations. These webinars are helpful resources on key subject areas in energy efficiency projects, the building envelope, resilience, green buildings, and more.

Access resources related to the Efficiency-Resilience Nexus
The Efficiency-Resilience Nexus resource collects energy solutions used to help you minimize vulnerabilities to climate-related impacts through resilience planning, implementing new energy technologies, and decreasing energy demand in facilities.


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Through DOE's Better Buildings Initiative, more than 950 commercial, public, industrial, and residential organizations share their proven energy efficiency strategies and inspire others to tap into the continued potential for energy efficiency.

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