Technology Information Suites

Technology Information Suites are designed to help you better understand and overcome technical barriers related to specific technologies. From conduction losses and solar gains in windows to advanced refrigeration technology, these resources give you in-depth insights into the latest technological advances.



Windows Resources
Recent advances in window technologies for both reductions in conduction loses and solar gains can contribute to significant energy savings in commercial buildings.

Walls Resources
Exterior walls are a major component of the building envelope. As a barrier between the interior and the exterior environments, walls need features that minimize energy losses while maintaining durability.

Roofs Resources
Roofs are another source of building energy loss, but roofing design and materials can help to reduce the amount of cooling required in certain climates by reflecting solar heat rather than absorbing it.

Outdoor Lighting Technical Resources
LED technology has improved dramatically with enhanced manufacturing processes, materials delivering consistently high-quality light output by way of smaller components, and greater interoperability with other digital platforms.

Advanced Refrigeration Technologies for Energy Savings
This toolkit contains resources that support the use of advanced refrigeration technologies to achieve energy savings in comparison to traditional refrigeration systems.

Find a Toolkit

Take action with toolkits and explore popular collections of resources that help you address common barriers such as financing, technology implelentation, data management, and more.

Get to Know the National Labs

DOE’s 17 National Labs tackle the critical scientific challenges of our time. They address large-scale, complex research and development challenges. Visit the National Lab Innovation Portal to explore their exciting research and engagement opportunities!

Visit the Data Center Toolkit

The Data Center Accelerator created this toolkit to help organizations navigate unique energy management barriers and solutions in their data centers. It includes guidance, factsheets, and materials for 5 types of data centers.