Walls Resources

Exterior walls are the major components of the building envelope. By being a barrier between the interior and the exterior environments, walls need to have features that minimize the energy losses while maintaining durability. Each year, about 1.5 Quads of energy is lost through walls in commercial buildings in America. Fortunately, there exist wall assemblies that are more energy efficient than traditional solutions.

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    This case study shows how sprayable sealants are an innovative alternative to conventional tape and are an effective way of providing moisture and air sealing protection in commercial buildings.
    This case study shows how the primer-less self-adhered membrane developed by 3M, serves as the air, liquid water, and water vapor barrier and adheres to most construction materials without a primer.
    This toolkit features webinars presented by the Better Buildings Alliance and Oak Ridge National Laboratory that focus on advancing the latest innovations for walls in commercial buildings.
    In the inaugural meeting of the Building Envelope Tech Team, participants discussed goals, new resources, and technologies to improve the energy efficiency of walls, windows, and roofs. 



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