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Roofs are another source of building energy loss, but roofing design and materials can help to reduce the amount of cooling required in certain climates by reflecting solar heat rather than absorbing it. Roof systems may contribute to up to 33% of building losses, depending on the building type and climate zone in which it is located. High performance roof systems and technologies are available the market that can help reduce the building losses through the roofs and help in designing high performance commercial building.

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    According to a report by the Green Proving Ground Program, VIPs (Vacuum Insulation Panels) save energy while meeting the demands of real-world construction.
    These tools can be used to calculate heat and moisture transfer that occurs in building components such as windows, walls, foundations, roofs, and doors.
    This toolkit features webinars presented by the Better Buildings Alliance and Oak Ridge National Laboratory that focus on advancing the latest innovations for roofs on commercial buildings.
    In the inaugural meeting of the Building Envelope Tech Team, participants discussed goals, new resources, and technologies to improve the energy efficiency of walls, windows, and roofs. 



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