Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater Specification

The Food Service team developed a Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater Specification that can be used to reduce water heating energy by 70%.

    This specification provides a description of required and recommended performance characteristics resulting in increased energy savings for Commercial Storage Water Heaters.
    This fact sheet summarizes the Better Building Alliance commercial heat pump water heater demonstration project and directs interested partners on how to take advantage of the opportunity.
    List of currently qualified products available for sale in the U.S. that meet the DOE/CBEA Heat Pump Water Heater Specification.
    To help agencies comply with federal laws and requirements, the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) analyzes energy management mandates from legal authorities and publishes notices and rules related to federal energy management.


Commercial, Education, Industrial, Multifamily, Local Government, State Government


Identifying or evaluating energy-saving technologies

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Water Heating and Water Efficiency, Water Heating