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SWAP Season 4 Recommendations

During the Better Buildings Challenge SWAP, the energy teams from General Motors and L'Oréal USA found opportunities to help one another save energy throughout their respective plants. Read more about what the teams learned from each other, and take away a few energy-savings tip from the experts at GM and L'Oréal.

  • Turn off compressed air when not needed
  • Put a variable frequency drive (VFD) on the dust collector fan motor to lower air flow during off-peak periods
  • Ensure compressed air tools are not powered up when not in use
  • Conduct regular walk-through inspections of compressed air piping to identify air leaks
  • Install mechanical insulation to retain heat in piping and hot water boilers/vessels
  • Conserve heat loss by minimizing open spaces in machinery
  • Reduce the number of lighting tubes per fixture to conserve energy
  • Shut down air flow in areas that are not in use
  • Make energy efficiency efforts tangible for employees by making it personal
  • Install tracking capabilities on solar panels to maximize sun exposure
  • Upgrade fluorescent lights with LED lights
  • Build a trap or double door between an exterior door to retain heated/cooled air
  • Have match marking on valves to show what the normal range is
  • Install occupancy sensors on LED lighting
  • Ensure HVAC economizers are working by doing regular maintenance and retrocomissioning
  • Work with local utility to invest in renewable energy
  • Isolate systems so when they are not all in use, it’s not using unnecessary energy
  • Employ a leak tag-and-fix program to locate and fix compressed air leaks
  • Automate light shut down when not in use
  • Upgrade energy management system
  • Segregate areas that can’t be heated and cooled at the same time
  • Replace motors and light fixtures at the end of their lifespans with updated technology
  • Isolate and balance tempered air
  • Formalize a treasure hunt process by leveraging people from different plants for a fresh set of eyes
  • Engage employees to ensure energy-saving technologies and practices are used and valued