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SWAP 1: Whole Foods and Hilton Worldwide

Energy-efficient buildings come in different shapes and sizes; follow two industry giants at the top of their game in energy efficiency as their energy teams swap buildings and uncover energy savings at each other’s San Francisco properties. Can Hilton Worldwide and Whole Foods Market help each other discover new approaches to energy conservation?

Episode 1: Hilton Visits Whole Foods

Episode 2: Whole Foods Visits Hilton

Episode 3: "The Unveil"

Meet the Teams

Meet the energy teams from Hilton and Whole Foods.


The teams share what they learned from one another.

Bonus Features



About the SWAP

A cornerstone of the Better Buildings Challenge is recognizing our partners for their leadership and sharing their successful energy saving strategies. The SWAP is our way of continuing to do that in a true behind-the-scenes setting to better showcase how energy savings are achieved, from planning to implementation. Learn more here.