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SWAP 4: General Motors and L'Oréal USA

The U.S. manufacturing sector is responsible for billions of dollars of energy use every year, but manufacturers are stepping up to strengthen their manufacturing competitiveness through energy savings. Both L’Oréal USA and General Motors have demonstrated great success with energy-efficient manufacturing operations. Can these companies from two different industries help each other discover new ways to save energy?

Episode 1: At L'Oréal USA's North Little Rock Plant

Episode 2: At GM's Detroit-Hamtramck Plant

Episode 3: Recommendations and Solutions

Meet the Teams

Meet the energy managers from General Motors and L'Oréal USA.


The teams share their compiled list of recommended best practices.

Bonus Features

Technical Videos: Employee Engagement and Compressed Air




About the SWAP

A cornerstone of the Better Buildings Challenge is recognizing our partners for their leadership and sharing their successful energy saving strategies. The SWAP is our way of continuing to do that in a true behind-the-scenes setting to better showcase how energy savings are achieved, from planning to implementation. Learn more here.