Commercial Sessions: What's Planned for the Summit

For 2018, the Department of Energy's (DOE's) Better Buildings Summit is teaming up with Energy Exchange for a one-of-a-kind event in Cleveland, Ohio. The combined event will feature sessions tailored for the commercial sector, covering topics including: technology and market solutions, technical advice, and actionable energy efficiency content specifically for U.S. building owners, managers, and tenants.

Preview of selected speaker organizations:
  • Anthem, Inc.
  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation
  • LBA Realty
  • REI
  • Tishman Speyer
  • University of Maryland Medical Center
  • USAA Real Estate Company
Featured Commercial Sessions

The 2018 Summit includes commercial sector meet-up sessions for Healthcare, Retail Food Service & Grocery, Hospitality, and Commercial Real Estate partners. Additionally, there are many cross-cutting sessions for the commercial sector over the course of the conference. Attendees can expect a deep dive into the technical aspects of successful programs and real-world projects that have been implemented by their peers. For a detailed agenda, click here.

Tuesday, August 21

  • Fault Detection and Optimization for Ongoing Commissioning (Energy Exchange)
  • Emerging Water Technologies (Energy Exchange)
  • Hiring, Training, and Sustaining the Energy Management Community (Energy Exchange) 
  • Energy 101: Control Data (Energy Exchange)

Wednesday, August 22

  • Commercial Real Estate Sector Meet-Up (Better Buildings)
  • Retail, Food Service & Grocery (RFSG) Sector Meet-Up (Better Buildings)
  • Healthcare Sector Meet-Up (Better Buildings)
  • Hospitality Sector Meet-Up (Better Buildings)
  • Emerging Technology Roundtable for the Hospitality Sector (Better Buildings)
  • Enterprise Analytics: What Do We Do with the Data Dump? (Energy Exchange)
  • Advanced Energy Storage Systems (Energy Exchange)
  • Energy Is Everyone's Job: Engaging Non-Energy Managers (Energy Exchange)

Thursday, August 23

  • Making a Splash: Targeting Water Saving Measures for Maximum Impact (Better Buildings)
  • Promising Practices in Energy Resilience (Better Buildings)
  • State of the Submeter: Considerations for Measuring Energy Use (Better Buildings)
  • Finance 101: Navigating Financing Options for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (Better Buildings)
  • Get Sorted: Efficiency in Distribution and Logistics (Better Buildings)
  • Turning Data into Information with DOE Data Tools (Better Buildings)
  • Better Business, Better Bodies: Strategies to Create Healthy Buildings (Better Buildings)
  • World as Laboratory: Updates on Partner Field Verifications of New Technologies (Better Buildings)
  • Work Smarter: EMIS, Commissioning Case Studies, and the SEA Campaign (Better Buildings)
  • Building a Next Generation Workforce for Next Generation Buildings (Better Buildings)
Commercial Sector Workshops:

Workforce Matters: Training and Credentialing

Training incumbent staff and creating a pathway for the next generation of energy efficiency professionals is a foundational element in high performance building design, operations, and maintenance. Our partners with credentialing organizations – including the Building Operator Certification® (BOC) and LEED (or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) – will discuss workforce benefits, alignment with staffing policies and requirements, and success stories of technical career programs in the energy sector. Stakeholders will learn the benefits of credentialing and why it matters on the road to high performing smart buildings.

Going Deep on Building Enclosure Commissioning

Participate in a Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) workshop! Hear from Envelope Technology Research Team members on their experiences with designing and constructing buildings with advanced window, wall, and roof technology choices. They will also share how their buildings were commissioned and provide insights into achieving optimal performance. This interactive session will cover best practices in selecting and implementing envelope technologies, BECx processes, and identification of solutions for forensic investigations.

Showcase Project Building Tours

Attendees can participate in pre-conference building tours of Better Buildings Challenge partners and other local high-performing buildings on Tuesday afternoon. Be sure to sign up when you register.

View this year's Showcase Building Tours here.