2018 Summit: Why Attend

The Better Buildings Summit is a national meeting designed for partners and stakeholders to exchange best practices and highlight demonstrated market solutions with an equal emphasis on discussing future opportunities for greater energy efficiency in America’s buildings, manufacturing facilities, and homes. This year, the Summit is partnering with DOE’s annual Energy Exchange, focused on federal facility energy management, to provide greater access to technical discussions and training while also providing the great panel sessions, keynote speakers, and networking opportunities attendees expect at the Summit. The combined event will foster public-private collaboration on overcoming market barriers to greater efficiency facing today’s industry and government. Thousands of thought leaders from the commercial, federal, industrial, education, and state and local government sectors will convene in Cleveland to advance energy efficiency best practices and accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies.

Download the 2018 Energy Exchange and Better Buildings Summit Factsheet

2018 Better Buildings Summit Highlights:

  • Over 200 panel sessions, trainings, and workshops
  • Opportunity to earn Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Credits
  • Access to technical experts
  • Tours of local high-performing buildings
  • Access to the Energy Exchange Trade Show
  • Peer networking events

Attendees will benefit by learning first-hand from other organizations what energy efficiency strategies are proving most successful and receiving training on the latest building optimization technologies and techniques. Speakers from the commercial, industrial, public, and multifamily sectors are invited to share how they draw on energy efficiency technologies, business practices, and partnerships to save money on operating costs, create new jobs, and improve their organization’s competitiveness.

5 Reasons to Attend

Planning Discover what's next in cost-effective technologies and market practices.
Partnerships Share and discuss successful approaches utilized by Better Buildings partners facing the same challenges as your organization.
Outreach Grow your network and make connections with industry peers, technical experts, and other Better Buildings partners and Allies.
Tools and Resources Learn how to leverage no-cost DOE tools to achieve significant energy savings.
Outcomes Explore future opportunities to advance energy efficiency in your organization

Join more Better Buildings partners and stakeholders to learn the latest in efficiency and how to make energy efficiency a smart business decision for your organization.

Convey the Value to Your Leadership

Our "Letter to Leadership" makes it easy for you to make the case to attend the Summit by capturing all the benefits of attendance. The letter is customizable to fit your needs and objectives.