State of Montana's Virtual Tool for Energy Savings Performance Contracting


The State of Montana created a virtual tool to support state and local practitioners of energy savings performance contracting (ESPC) in the face of limited budget and staff. The resource is available in two formats: as an online interactive guide and in a downloadable and fully customizable document.

The online ESPC Virtual Technical Assistant walks users through the steps of developing and implementing an ESPC project in five phases. The tool includes detailed step-by-step instructions, links to resources needed during the ESPC process, and advice for when users should consult the office responsible for ESPC technical assistance in their jurisdiction (or other experts as needed).

The document version of the Virtual Technical Assistant is intended for download, customization, and programming on state and local government ESPC program websites to provide interactive and location-specific assistance for ESPC project owners.

ESPC Virtual Technical Assistant (online interactive version)

Virtual Technical Assistant (for download and customization)


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