Small Changes to Life Time Steam Rooms Garner Big Energy Savings


Life Time operates more than 150 athletic country clubs in the United States and Canada. During an energy audit of its Chanhassen, Minnesota location, the company determined that the men’s and women’s steam rooms constituted 13% of the peak load for the building since both steam rooms ran constantly.

To address this energy use, the Life Time energy manager tested two changes. First, to cut down on peak demand, a relay was installed between the men’s and women’s steam rooms so that they would not initiate the heating system at the same time. Next, to cut down on the run-time of the steam rooms, a start button and timer were installed so that the rooms only operate while occupied.

As a result of these two upgrades, Life Time reduced average peak demand by 25.5 kW for the Chanhassen club, saving $5,000 annually in electricity costs. Additionally, the retrofit had two unexpected benefits:

  1. Better control of the steam and humidity in the area around the steam rooms;
  2. Reduced use of costly eucalyptus oil diffused while steam rooms are operating.

Life Time is implementing this solution across its full portfolio of existing clubs and incorporating the changes into the design for new facilities.

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