Slipstream’s Sketchbox Energy Modeling Tool


Slipstream created the free web-based energy modeling tool Sketchbox™ to enable organizations to conduct energy analysis for new construction and major retrofits of commercial buildings. The tool allows for early energy simulation to inform building design and improve building performance without adding cost.

Sketchbox can be used for conceptual design, full energy modeling of simple projects, or late in design projects. Since conventional energy models can be too slow or expensive to inform concept design, the Sketchbox tool was designed to be simple to use, mobile-friendly, and accessible through any Internet browser. The simplicity of the tool and its robust defaults make Sketchbox approachable for less technical users or those without prior experience in energy modeling.

The Sketchbox platform offers energy efficiency strategies for the most common types of buildings and HVAC systems, which can help users make real-time decisions about building energy savings. The customizable tool can help organizations meet the unique requirements of their efficiency programs, and incorporate state-specific energy code baselines and relevant incentive calculations.

Slipstream provides an FAQs portal and a series of video tutorials to demonstrate the tool’s capabilities.

For more information and to get access to the Sketchbox data tool, please visit

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Energy Savings Calculator