Sheetz: Green Building Technologies at Herndon, VA Store


Sheetz, Inc. is taking steps to reduce the company’s environmental impact by adding utility efficient technologies to new store design and retrofitting existing stores accordingly. This allows for reduced energy use across the entire Sheetz footprint, which promotes their energy and sustainability goals. As part of a pilot program, Sheetz is constructing a new facility in Herndon, VA, which will be the most energy efficient building in their portfolio. The store will be LEED® certified based on building parameters, which promote a whole-building approach to sustainability in terms of site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, water reduction, and indoor environmental quality. This store  incorporates the following green building technologies, which are being utilized in accordance with the LEED certification process.


For overall energy efficiency, Sheetz will be utilizing three stage, High Efficiency HVAC systems in combination with their Building Management System (BMS) to strategically deploy the units for maximum efficiency. The High Efficiency HVAC systems utilize three stages of cooling rather than the typical two stages, so the units are able to cool spaces with less overall energy usage. With the BMS system, they’re able to ensure all units work together to effectively heat and cool the store. This also provides Sheetz with the ability to implement programs for energy usage reduction during peak hours on the grid, setback temperatures during times with minimal occupancy, and ease of monitoring energy trends. The combination of all programs within the BMS results in strategic energy usage over time. More on the BMS system can be found here.


To reduce excess energy usage, only LED lighting will be installed for all signage and exterior lighting fixtures. LED lighting will be utilized throughout the entirety of the stores footprint to promote best lighting practices overall.


To reduce water consumption, Sheetz will utilize motion sensor faucets, flush valves, and ultralow-flow plumbing fixtures. The maximum water usage for each item is listed below

  • Water closet: 1.28 gallons per flush
  • Urinal: 0.125 gpf
  • Lavatory faucets: 1.5 gallons per minute at 80 psi (pounds per square inch)
  • Metering faucets: 0.35 gpm

For irrigation purposes, water-efficient landscaping will be installed that does not require a permanent site irrigation system. This includes drought tolerant plants native to Virginia. This helps to reduce excess water usage for the site as a whole by using a natural landscaping approach with native plants.

Other Sustainable Features:

To promote sustainability through green building technologies, other features are being included to promote environmentally friendly behaviors. Some of these include accessible recycling programs, public electric vehicle charging stations, and low-emitting materials for all adhesives, sealants, paints, and flooring systems. By working sustainability into every aspect of each store, Sheetz continues to showcase their commitment to the environment.