Resource Conservation Management Program


Camas School District, WA established a resource conservation management program that helped the district meet its initial Better Buildings Challenge goal five years ahead of its 2020 target – reducing energy use by 20% in 2015 from a 2009 baseline. The program details practices and procedures to cut consumption of energy and water and also reduce solid waste. Energy-saving practices are detailed for several important use categories: space heating, cooling, and ventilation; water heating; indoor and outdoor lighting; and computers and other plug loads. The program also outlines communication practices to support resource management, including staff trainings, utility data sharing, and recognition for successful school conservation programs. The program defines the resource management roles and responsibilities of key groups, including school administrators, building maintenance and operations personnel, educators, and students.

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Using data (or technologies) to track progress, Engaging employees, occupants, and customers, Building expertise within my organization, Motivating my organization

Tool type:

Energy Management Program

Building Type:

K-12 schools


Envelope/Enclosure, Energy Management Systems, HVAC