Poudre School District's Sustainability Management System Enables Cost Savings


Poudre School District (CO) adopted a Sustainability Management System (SMS) that extends principles of sustainability to all of its operations and reaffirms its commitment in this practice. These principles include conserving energy and natural resources; inspiring a commitment to sustainability among district employees; and serving as a community leader in sustainability and partner with other organizations to further common goals, among others. The district outlines its accomplishments related to the SMS through its Annual Sustainability Report. Since 1994, the district has completed 263 energy efficiency projects with cumulative savings of over $2,000,000 – aided in part by the district’s renewed commitment to energy conservation under the SMS since 2006. One tool used to reach sustainability goals is a competition where schools compete in three categories: School Measured Savings, Home Energy Actions, and School Energy Actions. Winning schools use financial awards towards the implementation of alternative energy or energy efficiency projects. The goal of the Energy Efficiency Team is to redirect dollars through energy conservation from utility costs back into PSD’s educational mission.

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Energy Management Guides

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K-12 schools


Setting long-term and short-term goals for the district resource conservation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions