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K-12 Solutions for Building Energy Excellence

Albuquerque Public Schools' Energy Conservation Incentive Program Financing

Albuquerque Public Schools’ Energy Conservation Incentive Program establishes best practices and clearly defines roles and responsibilities for administrators, teachers, custodians, and students working to implement energy savings.

Anne Arundel County Public Schools: Optimizing Energy Use through Central Monitoring and Control Energy Management Program

Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) developed a Comprehensive Maintenance Plan to remotely monitor and control school building operations, which has helped AACPS to improve portfolio-wide energy performance by 12%.

Douglas County School District Takes Innovative Financing Approach for K-12 Energy Efficiency Financing

Douglas County School District, NV financed $10.7 million in the first phase of energy efficiency improvements through an energy savings performance contract (ESPC) paired with a tax-exempt installment-purchase agreement (IPA). The project achieved energy cost savings of nearly $510,000 in the first year.

Public-Private Partnership Results in Solar Panels for Arizona School District Financing

To meet the electricity needs of 21 locations with limited funding, Arizona's Dysart Unified School District partnered with Constellation Solar AZ to install solar panels and purchase the generated electricity back at a discounted rate. The system is projected to yield savings of $14 million over 20 years.

CE Clean Energy, Bright Futures Program Brings Renewable Energy to Schools Financing

PPS partnered with its public utility and local non-profits to fund the construction of nearly 2 MW of renewable power across more than two dozen schools through the CE Clean Energy, Bright Futures program.

Poudre School District's Sustainability Management System Enables Cost Savings Energy Management Guides

Poudre School District (CO) adopted a Sustainability Management System (SMS) that extends principles of sustainability to all of its operations and reaffirms its commitment in this practice. As a result, the school district completed over 260 energy efficiency projects and saved over $2 million in energy costs.