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High-Efficiency Rooftop Unit (RTU) Replacement for Utilities and Efficiency Programs

adidas RTU Procurement Specification Technology Specifications

Adidas developed an RTU procurement specifcation to standardize equipment and to obtain competitive pricing through National Accounts for future planned replacements.

RTU Comparison Calculator Energy Savings Calculator

The Rooftop Unit Comparison Calculator (RTUCC) compares high-efficiency rooftop air conditioners to standard equipment in terms of life cycle cost. 

Rooftop conditioning unit on a roof
Business Case for Proactive Rooftop Unit (RTU) Replacement Report

This document introduces the key elements to consider in making the business case for a proactive high-efficiency RTU replacement strategy for facility maintenance staff and building engineers responsible for energy management.

RTU Sizing Guidance Guidance

Common sizing mistakes (with respect to cooling tonnage and supply fan horsepower) can be controlled with these recommended processes to help project teams avoid those mistakes and ensure effective RTU replacement investments.

RTU Measurement and Verification Guidance Fact Sheet

This fact sheet explains the variety of benefits from rooftop unit (RTU) replacements by validating energy and cost savings and other improvements through measurement and verification (M&V) methods.

Pen and calculator on an building layout chart
RTU Inventory Spreadsheet Guidance

Use the RTU Inventory Spreadsheet to gather basic information (i.e., number, size, age, condition, etc.) about your RTUs. Use the detailed fields to gather additional information (i.e., controls, usage patterns, features, etc.) for additional analysis of the RTUs identified for retrofit, replacement, or further analysis.

Organizational chart
Decision Tree for RTU Replacements or Retrofits Guidance

This decision tree guides the reader through the challenging task of determining how to manage existing rooftop units with easy to follow evaluation questions and links to additional resources for more information.

Keys and pen resting on a lease
Implementing High-Efficiency Rooftop Units in Leased Buildings Case Study

Efficiency Vermont successfully completed a 66-rooftop unit (RTU) high-efficiency replacement project on a large 140,000 square foot office building in Vermont. Real savings nearly doubled the estimated savings of $41,000 annually and was recognized by DOE's Advanced RTU Campaign.

High Performance Rooftop Unit Specification: RTU Challenge Specification

The Offeror shall provide a detailed description of the rooftop unit (RTU) model offered for sale in response to this Solicitation.

Replacing and Retrofitting Rooftop Units through the Advanced RTU Campaign Report

This report from the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) highlights the benefits of proactive rooftop unit replacement and retrofits within the retail sector with support from Advanced RTU Campaign resources.