Getting a Great Proposal: Los Angeles’ Tips to Help Contractors Get the Right Bid


The Los Angeles Better Buildings Challenge has been helping its partners improve the quality of proposals they receive from contractors by providing them with more clarity and guidance to develop better proposals. Often times when property owners/managers have a project, they do not put out a formal RFP – they simply send an email to a couple of vendors, asking for quotes to replace a piece of equipment.  They do not generally address desired features/functionality (specs), rebate eligibility, (handling of rebates), efficiency or warranty. This leads to “apples and oranges” proposals, which are very difficult to compare, which generally results in projects not happening at all, construction difficulties, change orders, missed rebate and efficiency opportunities. The city has developed a quick guide to help owners be sure they are asking contractors for the right information such as qualifications, past experience, and performance specifications. 

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