Energy Benchmarking Platform for Retailers


The Retail Industry Leaders Association’s (RILA) Retail Advisor for Energy Management is an innovative benchmarking tool that provides tailored guidance to help retailers optimize program performance. The cloud-based analytical platform is free for retail companies to evaluate their energy management programs and offers benchmarking, reporting, and tracking functions.

The RILA Retail Advisor for Energy Management is built around a customized program assessment based on the Energy Management Leadership Model (EMLM). The EMLM is a roadmap that helps retail energy managers design and optimize their energy programs. The model can be used to baseline the maturity of programs and identify the dimensions with the highest leverage opportunities for improvement.

The RILA Retail Advisor uses the EMLM to provide guidance specific to an individual company’s energy management program. For example, the system might suggest that a company may want to move its Initiating Level HVAC Program to the Progressing or Excelling Level by implementing technologies or practices widely used by industry peers. Users can compare the elements of their energy management program to other retailers, which can help spark conversations internally on the desired program levels, areas of potential risk, and goals for the future.

In order to access the Retail Advisor for Energy Management tool, retail companies must register for RILA Retail Advisor access. Once a retail company is verified by RILA, a profile is created and additional guidance is provided on how to complete the first assessment within the platform.

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