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Decarbonizing the Commercial Kitchen

Picture of the checklist
ENERGY STAR® Treasure Map for Restaurants/Commercial Kitchens Checklist

This checklist from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program can be used during a treasure hunt in a restaurant or commercial kitchen to uncover opportunities for energy savings.

First page of the start up worksheet
ConServe Start-Up/Shut-Down Schedule Worksheet Checklist

This worksheet from the National Restaurant Association’s ConServe program can be used to manage kitchen energy by developing a start-up/shut-down schedule that keeps appliances turned off until needed.

Low Carbon Technology Strategies for Kitchens Guidance

This document was created as a supplement to the Low Carbon Technology Strategies Toolkit for building types that typically include commercial kitchens. It includes steps that building owners and operators can implement to achieve smart, healthy, and low-carbon commercial kitchens.

ENERGY STAR® Guide for Cafés, Restaurants, and Commercial Kitchens Guidance

This guide identifies ways to save energy and water in a restaurant or other commercial or institutional kitchen, providing kitchen operators with information about ENERGY STAR and other energy-saving kitchen equipment options, as well as key resources to help operators learn best practices.

All-Electric Kitchens: Residential and Commercial Report

This volume from The Building Decarbonization Practice Guide is an expert-created compendium of practical, case study-based guidance on designing and operating all-electric kitchen that reflect the goals of decarbonization.

Frontier Energy: Induction Cooktop Analysis Briefing Document

This report reflects upon the differences between traditional cooking methods and induction cooking by outlining some of the pros and cons of induction cookware.