Bullitt County Public Schools: District Energy Plan


Bullitt County Public School District (KY) developed a district-wide energy plan to identify and implement cost-saving measures and develop staff and student commitment to energy management practices. As a result of implementing the energy plan and partnering with an energy services company, the District has saved nearly $3.9 million in energy and operational costs over the past decade. The plan outlines guidelines for a range of energy-saving measures – including standards and practices for space heating and cooling, new construction standards, guidelines for building operations and maintenance, and faculty, staff, and student action – as well as measures promoting water conservation. The plan also includes a requirement for an annual self-evaluation of progress. The development of the plan was catalyzed by a state-wide school energy efficiency program run by the Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center at the University of Louisville and followed energy management policy guidance provided by the Kentucky School Boards Association. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to use energy wisely and made aware that each person needs to take responsibility for turning off energy using devices when not in use. The plan provides guidelines on the multiple energy measures such as temperature controls, building resource management, lighting, space heaters, filters, holiday period procedures, new construction standards, and water conservation. Additionally, the energy manager will monitor utility usage and strive to promote and implement the guidelines outlined in this plan. However, students, staff and community members are encouraged to participate and provide feedback on the plan as it is an ongoing process.


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