K-12 Solutions for Building Energy Excellence

For K-12 School Districts, education remains the primary focus of the sector. However, districts continue to face student population growth, aging infrastructure, rising energy costs, reduced annual operating budgets, and increased plug load demands in the classroom. Better Buildings Challenge K-12 Partners are using innovative approaches to make energy efficiency an operations and maintenance priority. Energy efficiency offers the potential to redirect significant savings back to educating students while establishing a safe, healthy, and productive environment for learning. K-12 partners have shared the following practices, programs, and policies that help advance clean energy goals and build energy literacy in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) curricula:

    Alachua County Public Schools developed a process to manage plug loads at their schools to save energy and instill efficiency measures into the students, faculty and staff.

    Albuquerque Public Schools established the Energy Management Program that encompasses most all of maintenance and operations (M&O) including the Electrical and Mechanical Departments and Energy Conservation office and Water & Energy Conservation Committee (WECC).

    Maintenance Plan Solutions at a Glance
    Anne Arundel County Public Schools' Comprehensive Maintenance Plan (CMP) is designed to: Ensure continuation of a multi-year maintenance program providing a means of measuring actual progress against planned accomplishments. By tracking these trends, deficiencies may be maintained at a manageable level or used to reveal inefficiencies that must be addressed in future budget processes.

    District Energy Plan Solutions at a Glance
    Bullitt County Public School District established an Energy Team and developed the District Energy Plan to educate the community and create a road map to energy management.

    Camas Public Schools will model environmental stewardship by instituting a plan to educate students, teachers and staff about the importance of conserving natural resources and lessen environmental changes.

    Douglas County School District (DCSD), financed $10.7 million in Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) through an energy savings performance contract combined with a tax exempt installment-purchase agreement (IPA).

    Dysart’s solar panel project contract with Constellation Solar AZ LLC was approved by the Governing Board on March 6, 2013 for installation at 21 sites throughout the District.

    In support of Evergreen Public Schools’ Policy 8600 (Efficient and Responsible Use of Resources), guidelines have been established regarding building operating standards. The purpose of the standards is to minimize resource use while maintaining healthy, effective, and comfortable learning and working environments for students and staff.

    Gaining approval from the citizens through a referendum to install new Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems for school district buildings paved the way for the district to continue its efforts in finding ways to conserve energy with green sustainable methodologies.

    SCORE/City Smart program Solutions at a Glance
    The SCORE/CitySmart program mission is to provide a plan to address lighting and air conditioning (HVAC) projects with incentives based on the amount of peak electricity demand a project saves then paid after a project has been completed.

    A district energy policy was created along with the Performance Based Energy Incentive Award Program directly tied to energy savings, program participation, and leadership. Energy incentive monies are returned to the department implementing the conservation measures to be utilized for further energy and resource conservation efforts.

    During the 2015-2016 school year, PPS is partnering with Portland General Electric and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to bring solar power to six additional schools.

    Sustainability Management System Solutions at a Glance
    Building off the success of applying sustainability in constructing new schools, remodels, and school improvement projects, Poudre School District reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability by adopting a Sustainability Management System (SMS) that extends the principles of sustainability to all of its operations.



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