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Smart Energy Analytics - Webinars

The Smart Energy Analytics Campaign offered webinars on various EMIS related topics, often with a guest presenter who would give a real-world accounting of how they chose, implemented, and worked with the EMIS in their building or portfolio. Learn from the experts and take action using the recordings below.

Scaling Up HVAC Fault Detection in a Portfolio 2022
In this webinar, Kaiser Permanente, a Smart Energy Analytics Campaign recognition recipient, shared real-world lessons on scaling up fault detection and diagnostic (FDD) tools from a pilot to a large portfolio of over 150 sites and 16.5M square feet. Topics include how to sell the value of FDD within your organization and how to make FDD part of the way your organization operates.

EMIS for Small Buildings: UC Davis Presents a Scalable Model for Remotely Controlling and Monitoring HVAC Systems 2021
In this EMIS Tech Team webinar, UC Davis shared a scalable approach for remotely controlling and monitoring HVAC systems in small buildings on campus using wireless thermostats with scheduling and setpoint control through a central interface. The “SWARM” solution is reaping energy savings while improving comfort and reducing maintenance costs, providing a template for applying analytics across the significant (and largely untapped) small buildings segment.

EMIS Crash Course 2021
Learn about the variety of energy management and information systems (EMIS), including energy information systems (EIS) and fault detection and diagnostics (FDD), and how to select and implement an EMIS that best meets your needs. This webinar refreshes an earlier EMIS crash course with lessons learned and best practices from the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign and provides an overview of the updated EMIS Procurement Specification. 

Monitoring Healthy Buildings: Using EMIS to Identify Issues with Ventilation, Air Quality, and Thermal Health 2021
What data and metrics can be monitored to determine if a building is healthy for its occupants? This webinar clarified opportunities for monitoring and analytics to identify areas that need attention, from fresh air delivery and airborne contaminants to comfort metrics.

Ask an EMIS Expert 2021
In this webinar, experts discussed topics submitted by Better Buildings' EMIS Tech Team members about implementing, using, and maintaining energy management and information systems.

Fault Detection and Diagnostics in the Age of COVID-19 2021
This webinar explored what happens to fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) when a building goes into COVID-19 operations, including the impact on existing FDD algorithms and strategies that can support a healthy, efficient building operation under "pandemic-mode."

Final Results on Energy Savings, Costs, and Benefits from the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign 2020
In this webinar, the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign presented final results on the use, costs, and energy savings from the 104 participants implementing energy information systems (EIS) and fault detection and diagnostics. The 4 years of data collection from Campaign participants represents the largest dataset gathered to date on the use of these tools and technologies in commercial buildings.

De-Mystifying How Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Improve Building Performance 2020
In this webinar, the Better Buildings EMIS Tech Team, including experts from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL), provided an overview of AI and ML techniques and described the most promising applications in commercial buildings.

Behind-the-Meter Distributed Energy Resources: Best Practices for Integrating DERs into Commercial Buildings 2020
This webinar focused on the strategic integration of distributed energy resources (DERs) in commercial buildings. Listen to speakers from LBNL and Kaiser Permanente discuss methods and best practices for integrating and optimizing the performance of renewables, thermal energy storage, and battery energy for load flexibility.

The Value of DERs to Owners: A Current Market Landscape 2020
In this webinar, experts from LBNL introduced DER technology options, described multiple value streams from these DERs, and presented a landscape of customer-sited DER solution providers. The discussion was based on a set of interviews with several DER solution providers and EMIS Tech Team members.

Navigating RFPs and Procurement for Energy Management and Information Systems 2019
Campaign participant Beaumont Health describes their experience with the EMIS RFP process and their lessons learned, including their approach to getting a performance guarantee that avoided a complex contract.

Driving Decision Making with Energy Information Systems 2018
Stanford University's Residential and Dining Enterprises, a Campaign participant, implemented an energy information system (EIS) and achieved $450,000 in cost savings in the first year through operational and behavior changes. Learn how EIS gave them the ability to track and reduce their energy consumption.

Dashboards and Beyond: Designing Energy Information Systems for Success 2018
Energy information systems are becoming common as a way to organize and analyze energy meter data, especially for large portfolios of buildings. In this webinar, Jamestown and Tishman Speyer – Smart Energy Analytics Campaign participants from the commercial real estate sector – share their EIS features and give tips on system installation and set-up.

Building Data Management: Best Practices and Lessons Learned from EMIS Installations 2018
While there is growing interest in using building energy consumption and system operation data to improve building performance and visibility, many organizations face the challenges of data management. This webinar presents best practices and lessons learned for implementing robust data acquisition and storage – the foundational step in building an effective EMIS – from experts at LBNL and the National Renewable Energy Lab.

Getting the Most Out of Your EIS 2017
This webinar covers top EIS metrics and analytics to include in your dashboard, resources for selecting and implementing EIS, and guest presentations from Campaign participants Carleton College and Aurora Public Schools, both of whom implemented EIS to support their energy management goals.

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