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Smart Energy Analytics - Success Stories & Recognition

The Smart Energy Analytics Campaign regularly recognized participants for exemplary implementation of energy management information system (EMIS) tools and technology in their commercial buildings. This page highlights the success stories of 24 awardees, organized by the following categories: Energy Information System (EIS), Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD), and EIS+FDD and Automated System Optimization. Many of the participants below are also highlighted in the EMIS Applications Showcase.

Energy Information Systems (EIS)
EIS are software, data acquisition hardware, and communication systems used to store, analyze, and display building energy data. Explore success stories focused on EIS:

Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD)
FDD tools can detect and diagnose performance degradation and faults, many of which go undetected for weeks or months in most commercial buildings. Explore success stories that used FDD:

EIS + FDD or Automated System Optimization (ASO)
Learn how organizations got the most out of the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign by combining the benefits of EIS and FDD or ASO:

Award Ceremonies
These awards webinars include many of the organizations noted above; watch them below:

2020 Spring Recognition Awards
Commonwealth Partners, Stony Brook University, University of Utah Health, Pomona College

2019 Fall Recognition Awards
Swedish Medical Center, LBA Realty, Vanderbilt University, Universal Health Services in association with Grumman Butkus

2019 Spring Recognition Awards
Hewlett Packard in association with ISS Facilities, Jamestown LP, Kaiser Permanente, Benchmark Electronics, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Macalester College, Amgen

2018 Spring Recognition Awards
University of Iowa, General Services Administration, The Franklin, District of Columbia Department of General Services, California State University - Dominguez Hills

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