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Smart Energy Analytics - Additional Resources

The Smart Energy Analytics Campaign provided assistance to commercial building owners and operators by offering additional sources of information and help. Additional resources include handbooks, articles, and more. Explore the list below.

Energy Information Handbook
There are many methods and tools for monitoring and measuring building energy use (both over the long haul and in real-time) and for identifying where best to focus your energy efficiency efforts. But with so many options, where do you start? This handbook gives you the information you need to plan an energy management strategy that works for your building.

EIS: Technology Cost, Benefits, and Best Practice Uses
This report documents a large-scale assessment of EIS uses, costs, and energy benefits based on a series of focused case study investigations.

Cybersecurity Report
Cybersecurity concerns represent a significant barrier for many commercial building owners considering the addition of connected smart building technologies to improve their buildings’ energy performance. Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and Pacific Northwest National Lab presented a one-day cybersecurity workshop attended by building owners, operators, and other stakeholders.

Building Fault Detection and Diagnostics: Achieved Savings and Methods to Evaluate Algorithm Performance
Fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) represents one of the most active areas of research and commercial product development in the buildings industry. This paper addresses questions concerning FDD implementation and advancement including what are users of FDD saving and spending on the technology, and what methods and datasets can be used to evaluate and benchmark FDD algorithm performance.

Building Analytics and Monitoring-Based Commissioning: Industry Practice, Costs, and Savings
As building energy and system-level monitoring becomes more common, facilities teams are faced with an overwhelming amount of data. This report presents findings from the first two years of data collection in the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign on available energy management and information systems technology use and MBCx practices.

Survey on the Enablers and Barriers to EMIS
An online survey was sent to all Campaign participants and supporting partners with the goal of defining the next steps for future collaboration with building owners and industry. This article summarizes the results.

Taming the Fault List
This article outlines strategies to help keep your list of faults manageable and help operations staff stay on-board with using Fault Detection and Diagnostics.

Tackling Data Management for a Strong EMIS Foundation
Data management is a common challenge for building owners. Most owners are dealing with a wide variety of control systems and meter infrastructure, often with proprietary hardware and communications. This article explores how owners can pull it all together so they can take advantage of the great analytics tools available.

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